Testimonials from the Online Training on Virtual Exchange and blended mobility integration

I honestly learned very much from the instructor and the peer group. I would love to have seen the process of recognition and the various ways of recognition/accreditation deeper.

I really enjoyed the material mix. So as non-native English speaker it was easier to handle the materials during office hours. I especially remember to benefit from the podcast and its transcript. Listening to the speakers myself felt very authentic. Thank you for providing me with this experience.

The introduction in padlet was a great idea. It was interesting to see the group growing and looking forward to meet them.

It is very enriching to know what other institutions are doing at different levels because it broadens my perspectives on which actions to take. The templates were also excellent in guiding our thinking to successfully achieve the weekly tasks.

Videos and audio books were the best tool in my view (particularly the ones based on interviews with VE practitioners), because they referred to current real-life experiences.

First of all, thanks to the fact that I received real examples of the inclusion of virtual exchanges in educational activities. The tasks were similar to the real parts of writing a virtual exchange program, which now allows you to use them.

I can compare to other course taken, so this one is really user friendly – I’d make no changes

This was a good blend of asynchronous and synchronous learning. I was able to complete the course because it was flexible and fit reasonably within my other work duties. I have had to skip or drop out of PD opportunities from other organizations in the past because they were too synchronous-heavy and conflicted with other job duties. So thank you to the organizers for your mindfulness and well done!

I really liked the padlet at the beginning and the chance to meet people through it. There is possibly a VE coming out of the contacts we made. Thank you.