Tools to support your VE integration and accreditation efforts

Find and download all the separate tools that have been developed as part of the FRAMES ‘Toolkit for Integrating Virtual Exchange in Higher Education’.

The included tools, in the form of activities and worksheets, will help you to create a realistic plan with the needed steps to take at your institution towards the integration and accreditation of VE. The roadmap will guide you through this process.

Roadmap towards your VE integration Action Plan

Follow these steps to create an original plan suitable for your institution’s context.

  • STEP 1.

  • STEP 2.


    Now that you have an idea of what you want to achieve with integration of the VE project(s) at your institution, how can you actually make this happen? Start with formulating the ‘institutional buy-in’ to make your vision more concrete and, perhaps, realistic. Follow this up by doing an ‘institutional scan’ to learn more about existing strategies and policies at your institution that can aid your VE vision.

    STEP 2.

  • STEP 3.


    You must have some ideas on who to include in your efforts for integration of VE at your institution. Let’s have a closer look at which stakeholders you might encounter and think about ways to involve them. Start by creating a stakeholder map, followed by strategizing how to involve the different stakeholders with the ‘Champions and Detractors’ activity.

  • STEP 4.

    STEP 4.

See these VE Action Plan examples for inspiration:

Check out the FRAMES podcast for best practices and practitioner perspectives on VE integration and accreditation!

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